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I'll be there (in spirit) stitch'in with ya!!!


Ah yes, the jet-set life. Sunday sounds like fun. Wish I were there, BUT I'm not good with groups. I finally got brave and signed up for a learn to knit class.
Have a great time.



10% off my groceries would excite me too. It's nice to win things, to be showered with good luck :)


You party girl, you! Sounds just like my exciting life....Target is like the big disco club...I see all my friends there....they too have an unbelievable social life! Love your blog! Come visit sometime! :)


yo girl - I DON'T grocery shop - 1 of my weirds - but I sure wish I could take one or all of your classes - come visit - xox - eb.

Sheila B

I love Zinnea too! Lucky you to be a regular there...

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