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I love Flinch cards! I'm so sorry I didn't run into you and Michele - darn! I was done by 10:30 though, so maybe you came later?


Judi- I think we were there around the same time- sorry we missed you, but as you can see, Michelle and Hannah were behaving poorly due to the heat....


LMAO! Hannah and I were there 8-10:30ish Judi! We probably crossed paths! :) The heat was awful! After a tall bloody mary I was much better behaved, I swear!


Michelle- I am not sure you were better behaved, but certainly feeling better! smooches!

I went to this flea market for the first time that day and scored some tools so I was happy. I didn't get there till after 10 so it got really hot. I will definitely be back because I got tired of the heat and had to leave.

Rob Aker

The 1925 on the front of the card... is that when they were made?


Amanda- too bad it got so hot! But definitely go back.
Rob- these cards were originally produced in 1913 as part of a game called flinch.
They are cool though huh?

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