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It does look very similar to a morning dove...

It's aDoRabLe!


it's actually a mourning dove, and I'm not surprised to hear this story. Turin thought the same thing lol!!! =)


tyne, he is fantastic....such a presence!


Love him!


Great story!


Love this!!!! You are so talented!!!! My idol!


oh thanks you guys!!!
Kari- is it mourning because it is morning already??


Well, why not? Thanks for making me laugh, I'll never forget the time I saw one of those plastic owls people set up to scare off pigeons. I went and got my friend to show him because I thought it was so cool there was an owl up there and he laughed and laughed. Well, what did I know? I was from the burbs and we didn't have pigeons. Oh well. :) If you can laugh at yourself you have a never ending source of humor. :)

Lane Culpepper

What a sweet little owl!


i LOVE that guy. that's a true owl.
my hubs and i see what we think is a night owl fly over our apt windows every night around 10pm. one night we were out on the street and it was flying overhead and we both looked up and said "there it is! the owl!" but it was a seagull (technically only called a gull). we're hoping that was just a one-off and not really our night owl...

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